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Last July The Pokémon Company released a musical tribute to Magikarp in the form of The Magikarp song. Sadly at the time the song was only in Japanese, but now that has all changed with the North American branch creating an official English version.

I’ll post the The Magikarp Song English lyrics in full below, but as you can probably guess the song is a celebration of Magikarp’s uselessness, opening with “totally pathetic, unreliable/known throughout the world for being super weak.” The song goes on to berate Magikarp for being “the weakest in the land” and asks “why jump when no one cares?

That all changes though with the shrill chorus of “Oh, weak Pokémon, my love for you is strong.” which manages to be both nauseating and foot-tapping in equal measure.  I’ve listened to it over and over again while transcribing the lyrics below, and safe to say it won’t be be leaving my head for a while.

Anyway, take a look at the video and The Magikarp Song English lyrics below. And of course if you don’t like The Magikarp Song, we still have Slowpoke’s 2014 reggie tune to enjoy…

The Magikarp Song English Lyrics:

Totally pathetic, unreliable.

Known throughout the world for being super weak.

Maybe in ancient times it was really strong.

That’s what the rumours say, but they’re probably wrong.

But now it’s so weak, the weakest in the land.

So weak that’s it’s sad, really really sad.

The weak Pokémon, that’s you Magikarp.

But though you are the weakest, still you’ve won my heart

Oh, weak Pokémon, my love for you is strong.

Honestly it’s magical you’ve survived this long.


All it does it jump and splash, jump and splash around.

It splashes up whole mountains and all the way back down.

Why jump? What’s the point when nobody cares?

It uses Splash in battle.

Nothing happens.

Jumping and splashing every single day.

Until Pidgeotto…

Carries it away.


The jumping Pokemon, that’s you, Magikarp.

Although your moves are pointless, still you’ve won my heart.

Oh, splashing Pokemon, my love for you is strong.

Honestly it’s magical you’ve survived this long.


Wherever you go fishing, it’s the first you’ll catch.

Even with an Old Rod, you’ll soon have quite a batch.

Cast off in a river, or a puddle, or the sea.

Anywhere your hook is, Magikarp will be.

The slightest current will carry it away.

Anyplace the river bends…

That’s where they all stay.


A nibble on the line…

That’s you Magikarp.

Right back in you go, because you’ve won my heart.

Thought I caught a bite…

But it’s Magikarp.

I could never eat you…

Because you’ve won my heart.


It’s Shiny form sparkles golden in the light.

But don’t be deceived.

It’s still Magikarp inside.

Evolving into Gyarados makes it super strong.

Waiting to reach that level takes way too long.

Did you just buy one at the store yesterday?

“Sorry there’s no refund. Please go away.”


The pity Pokémon,  that’s you Magikarp.

Although they think you’re worthless…

Still you’ve won my heart.

The pity Pokémon, Magikarp it’s true.

At least you’re lowly ranking…

means nothing to you.

Beloved Pokémon, that’s you Magikarp.

Somehow you’ve turned weakness into a kind of art.

You’re my Pokémon, Magikarp my dream…

six matching Magikarp, that’ll be my team.

Beloved Pokémon, that’s you Magikarp.

Magical and special, of course you’ve won my heart.

The greatest Pokémon, Magikarp, it’s true.

And that’s why I’ve written this love song just for you!


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