Tiny Metal

Japanese developer Area 34 announced Tuesday plans to bring their turn-based strategy game Tiny Metal to the Nintendo Switch. If you’re a fan of the Advance Wars series, you’ll want to keep an eye on this one. 

The Area 34 team are looking to “revive the Japanese Arcade Wargame genre”, offering a single player campaign reminiscent of classic TBS style games, with around 8-10 hours of content.

Here’s a little detail on what to expect from Tiny Metal:

Play as Artemisian Lieutenant, Nathan Gries, as he commands his units to victory against the villainous nation of Zipang.

Players will have to carefully consider varying terrain, positioning for attacks, and strategic advancements and defenses.

Tiny Metal Trailer

The game is expected to launch during October, arriving on the Nintendo Switch. Versions for the Sony PlayStation 4, Windows, and mac OS have also been announced.

Tiny Metal


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