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Minecraft Mod Pixelmon Shut Down By Pokémon Company

Popular mod Pixelmon has finally be shut down after five years of bringing the world of Pokémon into Minecraft.

The news has just broken on the Pixelmon website, who have published a post explaining tht a request from one of the main stakeholders of the Pokémon franchise – Pokémon company – has asked them to shut the mod done.

The post in full reads:

With much sadness, but keeping all our fond memories, we must announce that Pixelmon is ending its development. We have had a great time making this mod and creating such a wonderful community but after a request from the Pokémon company we will be shutting our doors. I’m sorry for the disappointment this will cause but let’s remember all the great times we had playing Pixelmon, discussing Pokémon, making awesome things inside this mod and everything else that we’ve done.

All good things come to an end eventually and now is our time. However there are always more things to do, to be a part of and to enjoy. Keep going out there to find fun projects to be a part of and other great things to invest your time and enthusiasm into.

Pixelmon has been highly regarded within the Minecraft community, which has seen 560 Pokémon brought into the Minecraft universe over its five-year existence. The mod also featured a fully functioning Pokedex, Pokeballs complete with capture animations, a fossil machine, and a comprehensive attack system with over 500 attacks.

Of course Pokémon isn’t fully owned by Nintendo (they own about one third in fact), however Nintendo does hold considerable influence over the franchise, and considering their trigger-happy cease and decease nature, it’s hardly surprising Pixelmon was finally taken down.

All that’s left to say is rest in piece Pixelmon. The world of Minecraft will be a sadder place without you.


Breaking: Splatoon Anime Announced | Nintendaily

Breaking: Splatoon Anime Announced, Debut 12th August

Splatoon fans are spoiled this Summer. Not only is Splatoon 2 being released, but a new Splatoon anime has been announced, debuting this August.

Few details have yet emerged, but the Splatoon anime will be produced by CoroCoro, and will be based on their manga serialisation. The series will make its debut on CoroCoro’s Youtube account on 12th August, so be sure to check their channel in a few weeks.

While there are no details regarding the Splatoon anime’s story, Nintendo have been quite hot on their pre-Splatoon 2 marketing efforts by serialising their Squid Sister’s Stories content, which has been slowly published over the last few weeks. If the Splatoon anime will start from here is yet to be seen, but as Splatoon isn’t exactly a plot-heavy IP it would make sense to pick up where Nintendo themselves left off.

All we need now is a Metroid anime, and we’ll be all set to give Nintendo a big fat 10 for fan-service.


New Release: Phantom Trigger Coming to EU Switch eShop Next Week | Nintendaily

New Release: Phantom Trigger Coming to EU Switch eShop Next Week

According to the European Switch eShop, hardcore neon slasher Phantom Trigger will be coming to the Nintendo Switch, and is set for release next week.

If what is mentioned is correct, the game is set for release 27th July, and will be priced at £13.49 in the UK.

Developed by TinyBuid, Phantom Trigger is an attractive-looking slash-em-up with a mix of RPG and rougelike elements. Players will take control of hero Stan, battling enemies through a number of surreal environments.

Here’s an overview in the form of Phantom Trigger’s blurb:

Stan is losing control. The phantom realm brings arcade hexes into a pulsing neon reality, where demons fight in packs and use every trick they have to break your defense. Throw spells and traps mid-combo, ride the edge of control and chaos in this fresh take on action combat. You are your own worst enemy in Phantom Trigger.

Exciting stuff, and with a branching storyline and supposedly deep combat system that focuses on unlocking combos and upgrading weapons, this might be one to keep an eye on.

Developer TinyBuid shared a video last night of Phantom Trigger running on a Switch, which you can check out below.

Keep it at Nintendaily for the latest on Phantom Trigger.

Nintendo’s Quality Of Life Product Is Still In Development | Nintendaily

Nintendo’s Quality Of Life Product Is Still In Development

Nintendo’s Quality of Life product that has been hinted at for years is apparently still in development, according to the company’s annual report.

Nintendo’s Quality of Life product was first announced back in January 2014 during their 2014 strategy briefing, but very little has been revealed since. President Tatsumi Kimishima did mention it briefly in 2016 at an investor’s briefing, only to say that the product was some way off. According to Nintendo’s annual report however, the product is very much still in development.

If you skip ahead to page 12, Nintendo says they are currently working on a “new product that improves people’s QOL (Quality of Life) in enjoyable ways”.

The paragraph in full:

“Moreover, we are working on the development of a new product that improves people’s QOL (Quality of Life) in enjoyable ways. Our aim is to enable consumers to make daily efforts to improve their QOL in a fun manner by making sleep and fatigue status visible and offering various services based on this information”.

Back in 2014 Nintendo’s Quality of Life product was revealed to be a device that could measure sleep fatigue levels without needing to be worn, so it appears the device mentioned in the report is the same.

Nintendo’s Quality Of Life Product Is Still In Development Image 1 | Nintendaily

Nintendo’s Quality of Life product would supposedly measure sleep levels by being placed besides the user’s bed. Late Nintendo president Satora Iwata previously explained “Inside the QOL Sensor is a non-contact radio frequency sensor, which measures such things as the movements of your body, breathing and heartbeat, all without physically touching your body”.

What their recent focus on their canon franchises and away from Wii Fit et al, it seems surprising Nintendo’s Quality of Life product is still at the forefront of their R&D. During the 2016 investment meeting, Tatsumi Kimishima said “we do not feel that we are currently at a stage where we can commercialize a product that deals with sleep and fatigue”, indicating it isn’t a priority.

He went on:

“So we are not planning to launch any products in this area in the fiscal year ending in March 2016. However, we do believe there is potential in the QOL sector, so we will continue to consider further development in this area.”

Do you think Nintendo’s Quality of Life product is going to be a success ? What would you like to see from a sleep monitoring device? Let us know in the comments.

Splatoon 2 Temporarily Blocks Players Who Repeatedly Disconnect | Nintendaily

Splatoon 2 Temporarily Blocks Players Who Repeatedly Disconnect

It seems Nintendo are taking action against serial Splatoon 2 disconnectors by temporarily blocking offenders.

During last weekend’s Splatfest it wasn’t just new maps that were discovered. Players found that disconnecting from matches multiple times would get a window warning them if they continued their behaviour, they would be blocked.

The message received reads:

“Your previous online play session didn’t end naturally, which is preeeeetty suspicious. If this keep happening, we’re gonna have to block you from playing online for a while. Make sure your internet isn’t busted and try again”.

The below picture was posted by Twitter user @hypwnotic who first discovered the message.

Splatoon 2 Temporarily Blocks Players Who Repeatedly Disconnect | Nintendaily

It has been a long-standing bugbear of fans when a player leaves their squad, leaving the team one-Inkling down. Of course a good proportion of those disconnecting (including the above apparently) are those who innocently have a bad connection, but hopefully the move will for the most part ensure people still stop purposely quitting when the going gets.

NES Classic Hoodie Available For Preorder | Nintendaily

NES Classic Hoodie Available For Preorder

If you’ve got a hankering to show off you old-school Nintendo love in public, Merchoid’s got you covered with the NES Classic Hoodie.

The video game merchandise specialist has starting accepting presales for this retro-style hoodie, ready to be shipped for September. Including shipping, the hoodie costs $54.99 / €54.99 / £44.99.

Featuring the NES’s classic grey colour pallet, the NES Classic Hoodie sports “clean lines, body paneling, two front pockets and NES button detailing on the front”.

Speaking about the NES Clasic Hoodie, Merchoid’s community manger Jessica Adams said the following:

Re-enter an 8-bit 80s wonderland, where Mario is king, gloves are controllers and some of the best gaming experiences are a cartridge push away. And what better way to embrace your 80s nostalgia than representing your favorite console in one stylish hoodie? Now you’re playing with power!

While the NES Classic Hoodie won’t quite make up for the discontinuation of the NES Mini Edition, it nonetheless is a pretty nifty bit of kit – especially when paired with a Nintendo Power Glove.

Orders can be made here, although be aware stock is limited.

NES Classic Hoodie Available For Preorder Image 1 | Nintendaily


Watch: Mario Kart VR Spin-Off | Nintendaily

Watch: Mario Kart Official VR Spin-Off

An official Mario Kart VR spin off will soon be hitting arcades across Japan.

Bandai Namco have been kicking out Mario Kart arcade racers for a while not, but Mario Kart Arcade GP VR seems like their most ambitious arcade title yet.

As you can see from the recent footage below, players view the game form the point of view of a driver as they race across a variety of Mario-themed tracks. Rather than getting items from question mark blocks, bananas and green shells are tied to balloons and float above players’ heads. Players can collect items by simply holding up their hands, before physical throwing the item at their opponent. The video also shows a hammer item which players can use to bash opponents over the head.

Other than that, Mario Kart VR seems to include all the favourite Mario Kart tropes, with players having to weave between Piranha Plants, dodge under Bulletman Bills, and even make their way through a Bowser’s Castle course. The beginning of the  demo even show the gliders that were introduced later on in the Mario Kart franchise.

There’s no word yet if Mario Kart VR will make its way out of Japan, but stay tuned for the latest information.


Castlevania Series Producer Interested in Metroid Anime Adaptation | Nintendaily

Castlevania Series Producer Interested in Metroid Anime Adaptation

Castlevania animated series produced Adi Shankar has recently expressed interest in creating a Metroid anime.

Sitting down for an interview with Nintendo Life, Shanker spoke in depth about his work on the four-part Castlevania series recently released on Netflix. Near the end of the interview, he is asked “what other video game series would you like to adapt?”, to which he replies “Dark Metroid in the same anime style”.

A Metroid movie has been rumoured for years, but has never materialised. However what with Metroid suddenly being slung back into the limelight with two new entries in the franchise announced at last month’s E3, it’s not hard to imagine Nintendo could stoke excitement by investing in an anime series.

Whether we will actually get a Metroid anime or not remains to be seen, but the Castlevania series at least seems to have gone down well, with Netflix confirming eight more episodes. Shanker also confirmed he is currently working on an Assassin’s Creed series, which hopefully will fare better than the recent lacklustre movie adaption.

Shanker has also claimed in the past that he is “a gamer first, a filmmaker second”, so with a little luck, if a Metroid anime does materialise, it will be in a same pair of hands.

Would you like to see a Metroid anime? Do you think it would do the series justice? Let us know in the comments below.


ARMS 2.0 Update Goes Live Tomorrow: New Character and Game Mode | Nintendaily

ARMS 2.0 Update Goes Live Tomorrow: New Character and Game Mode

In just a few hours Nintendo’s ARMS 2.0 update is set to be released, adding substantial new content to Nintendo’s breakaway new fighter.

The free ARMS 2.0 update will introduce new playable character Max Brass to the game’s roaster. Of course Max Brass was already in the game as a mini-boss, but now players will get the chance to control the hulking creation for themselves.

The update will also introduce a major new versus mode which will allow players to control Hedlok, who of course currently serves as the game’s ultimate challenge.

Speaking to Eurogamer,  ARMS producer Kosuke Yabuki gave more details on the ARMS 2.0 update:

“I can talk about it a little bit now – Max Brass is the main part of tomorrow’s update, but there is a new versus mode where in a fight between two or three players there’s a Hedlok mask players battle over, and when you get the mask your own character can turn into Hedlok,” Yabuki explained. “If one player turns into Hedlok it’ll be up to the other players to take him down. The Hedlok mode won’t just be available in one v one versus modes – it’ll be available online and in every multiplayer mode.”

Alongside Max Brass and a new game mode, the ARMS 2.0 update will include a smattering of balancing updates to stop players spamming certain moves. Yabuki-san went on –

“One thing with a balance update – if you say we’ve nerfed this character, fans of that character won’t be happy about it! That’s something we’re aware of, and with this update the balance adjustments are done in a way not to make any character less good than they are at the moment.


One thing I definitely think about, and that I’m not a fan of, is when it’s possible to win using one technique over and over again, repeating the same thing and winning like that. That’s something, in terms of the game balance, that we’re thinking about and trying to adjust it so that’s not possible.


I’d like to create an environment where one particular technique or one character with a certain combination of Arms isn’t too dominant, and that everyone can enjoy the game using a wide variety of characters and techniques”.

“One particular technique” could be in reference to a couple of things, including spamming of throwing moves, Ribbon Girl being able to stay airborne on one particular stage, or Kid Cobra’s ability to jump and punch his way to victory.

A full changelog will be published alongside the ARMS 2.0 update. Stay tuned to Nintendaily for the lastest on ARMS.


Oddworld Creator: Unsuccessful Nintendo “Killed Iwata” | Nintendaily

Oddworld Creator: Unsuccessful Nintendo “Killed Iwata”

Lorne Lanning, creator of classic platformer Oddworld, has recently made some controversial comments regarding Nintendo and it’s recently passed away ex-president Satoru Iwata.

Discussing the direction Nintendo have been heading in recent years, Lanning said the following:

“The thinking has to change. The biggest problem I see at Nintendo is the thinking. Personally, I think it killed Iwata; that he couldn’t move the organisation into a really successful arena.”

He went on to say:

“It’s a tragedy because Nintendo brought this business back… we’re all playing today because of Nintendo’s valiantness – then they controlled quality, they had controls which were really part of its longevity and made the game business a valid space again.”

After being criticized for his comments about the much-loved ex-president on Twitter, Lanning went on to say his statement was phrased “rather poorly”, which is putting it very mildly to say the least.

In case you hadn’t guessed, Lanning isn’t the biggest fan of Nintendo, and went on to say he had no faith in Nintendo based on his previous experience with them:

“I don’t have faith. I have no faith. It’s due to experience. I see a similar level of success than they had with previous generations. Wii U, Wii.

By the end of the life of the Wii, who else was making money aside from Nintendo? How many titles sold for the Wii that weren’t Nintendo first-party?”

The comments were made on Kinda Funny’s GameOverGreggy Show, which you can see below. Conversation about the Switch starts at the 12:00 mark.