Super Mario Odyssey Won't Have A Game Over Screen | Nintendaily

It’s been revealed by Nintendo that Super Mario Odyssey will not feature a Game Over Screen when players die.

The reveal came from a tweet via the game’s Twitter account, detailing that although Mario will of course be able to die in many different ways, there will be no life system, no 1-UP mushrooms, and importantly none of the plumper’s iconic Game Over screens.

A translation of the tweet explains that instead of losing a life, each time the player “plunges to the depths”, they will lose ten coins. No matter how many times Mario dies, he will never see a Game Over screen – even if he have less than ten coins.

The news is not totally out of the blue, as Nintendo has previously spoken about the decision to do away with lives and 1-UP mushrooms. Speaking to Polygon at E3, producer Yoshiaki Koizumi said:

“We also wanted people to be able to, you know, you get into a kingdom and you can just kind of continually keep going through that kingdom without being pulled out, so that was why we kind of wanted to get rid of the lives idea”.

In an age where Game Over Screen are becoming more and more antiquated, it seems to us to make perfect sense to finally ditch them. While simply losing coins doesn’t sound like a big deal, it should be remember that in Super Mario Odyssey coins are actually used as a currency to buy new hats and outfits, meaning they are a lot more valuable than they ever have been in previous games.

Whether losing coins is enough of a punishment to make death more than a mere triviality remains to be seen, but for now it looks like Mario Odyssey seems to continue to revolutionise the Mario formula.


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