Players Will Control Link In Breath Of The Wild’s Champion’s Ballard | Nintendaily

It’s been confirmed that players will in fact control link in Breath of the Wild’s next round of DLC, Champion’s Ballard.

It had previously been thought that players would control Zelda or one of the game’s four champions in the expansion pack set to be released later this year. Series producer Eiji Aonuma himself has shot down these rumours himself however, confirming at the Japan Expo in Paris that players will be in full control of Link.

Aonuma was tight lipped about any other details, although he did also confirm that Link’s iconic lobster shirt that featured at the start of Windwaker will feature in the DLC pack. A brief clip of an early build of Champion’s Ballard was also shown, which you can see in the below Tweet.

Champion’s Ballard will be set after the defeat of Ganon in Breath of the Wild, and so in effect will be a sort of sequel. The only other thing we know about the pack is that it will feature a new story for players to follow, so it seems to be a much meatier package than The Master Trials, which launched late last week.

A release date for Champion’s Ballard is yet to be confirmed, with a vague ‘Holiday 2017’ being all we know.



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