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An official Mario Kart VR spin off will soon be hitting arcades across Japan.

Bandai Namco have been kicking out Mario Kart arcade racers for a while not, but Mario Kart Arcade GP VR seems like their most ambitious arcade title yet.

As you can see from the recent footage below, players view the game form the point of view of a driver as they race across a variety of Mario-themed tracks. Rather than getting items from question mark blocks, bananas and green shells are tied to balloons and float above players’ heads. Players can collect items by simply holding up their hands, before physical throwing the item at their opponent. The video also shows a hammer item which players can use to bash opponents over the head.

Other than that, Mario Kart VR seems to include all the favourite Mario Kart tropes, with players having to weave between Piranha Plants, dodge under Bulletman Bills, and even make their way through a Bowser’s Castle course. The beginning of the  demo even show the gliders that were introduced later on in the Mario Kart franchise.

There’s no word yet if Mario Kart VR will make its way out of Japan, but stay tuned for the latest information.



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