Breaking: Splatoon Anime Announced | Nintendaily

Splatoon fans are spoiled this Summer. Not only is Splatoon 2 being released, but a new Splatoon anime has been announced, debuting this August.

Few details have yet emerged, but the Splatoon anime will be produced by CoroCoro, and will be based on their manga serialisation. The series will make its debut on CoroCoro’s Youtube account on 12th August, so be sure to check their channel in a few weeks.

While there are no details regarding the Splatoon anime’s story, Nintendo have been quite hot on their pre-Splatoon 2 marketing efforts by serialising their Squid Sister’s Stories content, which has been slowly published over the last few weeks. If the Splatoon anime will start from here is yet to be seen, but as Splatoon isn’t exactly a plot-heavy IP it would make sense to pick up where Nintendo themselves left off.

All we need now is a Metroid anime, and we’ll be all set to give Nintendo a big fat 10 for fan-service.



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