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Rime Finally Gets Nintendo Switch Release Date

It’s taken its time, but indie title Rime has finally got an official release date on the Nintendo Switch.

The announcement game from Grey Box, Six Foot, and Tequila Works, who have confirmed a North American release date of 14 November, and a European release date of 17 November. The game will be available digitally via the Nintendo eshop priced $29.99 / €34.99 / £29.99. There will also be a physical edition that comes with a download code for the soundtrack, priced $39.99 / €44.99 / £39.99.

Grey Box’s website states the reason for the Nintendo Switch delay is that work started on the Switch edition later, so the team wanted to make sure the game was fully optimised before release. In terms of the higher price tag for the physical release, Grey Box state:

“The physical version of the Nintendo Switch version of Rime has a price which is based upon the development and manufacturing costs necessary to bring a product to market on the platform. In order to accommodate for this price discrepancy, a redemption code for a digital download of the Rime Deluxe Soundtrack by David García Díaz. The Switch digital version will be priced equivalent to the other versions of the game”.

CEO and creative director of Tequila Works Raúl Rubio Munárriz said:

“As big fans of Nintendo, we truly appreciate our fans’ patience as Tantalus and Tequila Works continue working on Rime on Nintendo Switch; we are all committed to making sure all players get the high-quality experience they deserve.”

Although Rime never did quite live up to the hype its initial previews generated, the beautiful, Wind Waker-esque graphics meant it was one of the best looking indie games ever released. The game was initially released on PlayStation and Xbox back in May.

Watch this space for more on Rime’s Nintendo Switch release.

Source: Grey Box

Pokémon Go Players Beat Moltres With Just Two People | Nintendaily

Pokémon Go Players Beat Moltres With Just Two People

A Moltres has been beaten by just two people as part of one of the game’s notoriously difficult legendary raids.

Legendary raids are supposed to be Pokémon Go’s toughest battles, requiring multiple players to come together to take down legendary Pokémon. As it happens though, it turns out the battles may not be as difficult as once thought, with a YouTube video by player boushinshi showing a Moltres being taken down by just two people.

As the video shows, Moltres was taken down by trainers both using Golems, whose rock/ground types would have put them at an advantage against Moltres’s fire/flying attacks. The Moltres demolished a small army of Golems – despite their level of the Golems being in the 30s and CP in the high 2000s – and even then it was a battle against the timer to actually defeat the Pokémon.

We’re sure to see more videos like this now that legendary encounters have finally started, but for now let’s just watched in awe…