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Super Mario Happy Meal Toys Available at McDonald’s

If you’re a Nintendo fan in the US then you’re in luck. From today Super Mario Happy Meal toys are available for anyone who buys a Happy Meal from McDonald’s.

Eight figurines in total are available to collect, including Mario, Yoshi, Bowser, Peach, Luigi, a green mushroom, a red shell, and invincible Mario. None of them quite have amiibo charm or functionality, but they do at least have a ‘special function’ – for example, invincible Mario lights up.

If you’re thinking the choice of characters is a bit esoteric, the reason is they were chosen was because they all feature in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (apart from the green mushroom strangely enough), which will release 28 April. The promotions mirror a similar one McDonald’s ran back in 2014, around the release of the original Mario Kart 8.

If any of this sounds familiar, that’s because Nintendo have a long history of teaming up with the Golden Arches – check out this ad from the Nintendo, when Nintendo wanted to Promote Super Maro Bros 3

If you live in the UK, you may have noticed that Nintendo were doing a Happy Meal promotion back in January. Interestingly many of the figurines are the same, except for the mushroom and invincible Mario swapped out for a piranha plant and a figure of Mario sitting on a brown chair.

The internet has speculated that it looks like Mario is on the toilet in this particular toy. I’ll just leave this photo below and let you decide.

The Super Mario Happy Meal toys will be available until 22 May.

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Binding Of Isaac amiibo Mock-Up Revealed | Nintendaily

Binding Of Isaac amiibo Mock-Up Revealed

The odds of a Binding of Isaac amiibo being produced have suddenly got a lot higher with what appears to be an amiibo prototype posted on publisher Nicalis’s Twitter.

The Tweet reads ’What’s that? You really want an #amiibo from The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ on #NintendoSwitch?’ follow by what appears to be a mock-up or prototype of a naked, crying Isaac amiibo.

Of course nothing has been confirmed, and it could just be Nicalis simply drumming up interest. It is curious though the post comes just two days after The Binding of Isaac creator Edmund McMillen posted a poll on Twitter asking if people would be interested in a The Binding of Isaac amiibo. Clearly they were, with 48% of people saying yes.

Considering Nintendo’s latest push towards catering for indie developers (for whom they seem to be relying on to get them through the content-slim launch period of the Nintendo Switch), they’ll likely see the ever-popular Binding of Isaac as one of the jewels in their Indie crown, along with Shovel Knight and Snake Pass. In fact Shovel Knight is one of the very few third party IPs to get their own amiibo.

In any case, something is clearly going on behind the scenes at Nicalis, and I suspect they wouldn’t excite fans to this extent without having some sort of announcement up their sleeve. Watch this space for the next update.

Could a Binding of Isaac Amiibo Be in the Works? | Nintendaily

Could a Binding of Isaac Amiibo Be in the Works?

Edmund McMillen, creator of The Binding of Isaac, has taken to Twitter to ask fans would they be interested in a Binding of Isaac Amiibo?

The poll has four options, and although the original post has some very strong language, I’ll paraphrase by saying ‘Heck yes!’ got 49%,  ‘Yes, & I don’t own a switch’ got 22%, ‘No, I don’t own a switch’ got 18%, and straight ‘ Heck no!’ got 12%.

As you can imagine, in normal circumstances Amiibo figures are robustly reserved for Nintendo IPs. Very rarely do Indie developers have the opportunity to create their own Amiibo, although a notable exception is Yacht Club Games, who created a Shovel Knight figure last year, suggesting Nintendo are opening up – to the big players in the indie scene at least.

Perhaps this change of direction is something to do with Nintendo’s new found love of indie games. In the absence of a big line of first party titles, the Nintendo Switch is playing host to an increasingly impressive line-up of indie titles, including Shovel Knight, Snake Pass, and as reported yesterday, Tumbleseed: A Rolly Roguelike, which will be coming to the system 2 May. That’s not to mention Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+

Also encouraging is the pushing of Nintendo’s own ‘#Nindies’ hashtag which you always see croppingup in Nintendo Directs, and the lower pantry to entry for developing for the Switch, which no longer requires develops to comply with a list of contrived requirements.

There’s no clue as to what a Binding of Isaac Amiibo would do, but as the game is a roguelike with plenty of swag and weapons, I’m sure it won’t be hard for developer Nicalis to think of something creative. Considering the game’s difficulty some extra life pickups wouldn’t go amiss.

Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ was released on the Switch in March, and is available in the Switch eshop.